Dana Bashor’s Great Catch in Arizona

Years ago, I would not go fishing.  My dad has always loved fishing, but I don’t like being kept in a boat for too long because I could not sit still.  If we went out to sea, I would enjoy it for an hour or two, but never long enough.  At the lakes, I would enjoy the scenery, but I wouldn’t catch fish quick enough to keep me entertained.  Back then, I was more like Jesus in the aspect that I liked fishermen, and loved eating fish, but I would rather try “and make fishers of men” (Mathew 4:19) then to actually fish.  Now that it is much easier to relax, I have taken up the hobby of fishing.

I must admit it takes a little getting used to getting up at the crack of dawn to go to these lakes and streams to go fishing, but as you we all know, the early bird catches the worm or the early worm catches the fish.  The morning started at 5:30 a.m., picking good spot on Lake Pleasant.  Learning how to pick out proper lures and tying proper knots, takes extreme patience and knowledge.  I soon found out the hard way when I tried to do things myself, and my father would get so upset when I would get a bite on my pole and in the middle of reeling the fish in I would lose the fish and lure.  So he had to show me the proper techniques for tying knots on the lures.  Once I got that figured out, it made a big difference in catching the fish.

The tricky part comes after you have caught the fish.  You must carefully remove the hooks from their mouths and place the small ones back in the water, hopefully unharmed.  Holding a wet, slippery fish is a funny experience, but I really don’t like the smell that is left on my hands, so I have left that task to be completed by my dad.

The most fun I have had catching a fish was the time I caught a big mouth in bass.  I barely caught my pole from going over in the water.  I thought the pole would break in half.  It was amazing how strong this fish fought.  It was really exciting bringing him aboard the boat.  It was close to 8 lbs.  What a beauty.  I couldn’t wait throw my pole back out and catch another.  I was hooked.

Once back on shore, we took a picture of me holding a stringer of fish.  There must have been a dozen or more.  I had to hold my “Great Catch” up by itself, it was so heavy.  Unfortunately, the fun was over . . . it was now time to gut the fish.  Now I know why some people prefer to “hold and release.”  Cleaning up the catch is dirty business.  First, you have to slice their belly open to release the guts, and then rinse.  I prefer to have the heads cut off before cooking too.

The best way to end a good fishing trip is to go home and fry up a fresh caught fish.  Yummy!

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This dog cracks me up. So funny!

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I love this video. Always makes me laugh.

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Hello and Welcome to Dana Bashor Today

Welcome to Dana Bashor Today. This my blog where I will feature work I’ve done and information about me. I’ll also try not to get too distracted and add funny videos and pictures. You can never get enough of those. 🙂

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